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In my opinion, Jim Prince is to learning trading what Rosetta Stone is to learning a language.

- Steve M., Las Vegas, NV

If You Can Spare 15 Minutes A Day...
I Can Show You The Perfect Way
To Trade Commodities

Are you missing out on profitable trades because you don’t have enough time to track all the markets every day?

Spending too much time looking at charts and trying to figure out the best markets to trade?

Not sure at what price to get in... where to get out and where to set your stop loss?

Confused from all the complex trading strategies?

So were thousands of other traders until they turned to my Premium Daily Video Market Alerts which cut through all the trading BS and take the confusion out of when and where to get in and out of trades.

Accept this special trial today and you’ll get a front row seat in front of my computer every day the markets are open. You’ll watch and learn as I analyze 5 to 12 markets ready to make big moves and pinpoint the EXACT price targets to enter and exit every trade.

Just 15 Minutes a Day Puts A Lifetime of Trading Skills To Work For You...

Whether you’re an experienced trader struggling to increase your account size... or new to the markets and still haven’t got the hang of it - my Premium Alert Service™ will put you light years ahead of where you are right now.

Every morning the markets are open I’ll email you a 5- to 15-minute video.

I’ll start off with a general market overview, then, Based on my over 20 years as a commodities trader, I do a Top Down analysis of 5 to 12 markets that are moving and making formations and for each market I give you a detailed full description and analysis of

  • The day’s trading activity
  • Trading strategy and entry and exit areas as I show you formations, support/resistance levels, price targets, and stop-loss placements.
  • Technical issues with pointers based on my over 20 years of trading experience
  • You also get full access to my Trading Spreadsheet with all my Premium Alert trades that are already in progress or have closed
  • And much, much more

This is the type of trade alert service many professionals pay thousands of dollars for each year. And the regular subscription to my Premium Alerts and Charting service is bargain at only $79 per month. But...

Through this special offer, you can try my Premium Daily Video Alerts for only $7 and see for yourself why traders throughout the country have come to rely on my market analysis to help build their wealth.

Look At Everything Else Included With Your Special Trial

And while the Premium Daily Video Alerts are what most traders want most from the trial subscription, as part of your trial, you also get COMPLETE ACCESS to the entire Greatest Business On Earth Members Only site, including...

Premium Alerts Trade Alerts Spreadsheet: Basically, all my trades and results on one page. This spreadsheet is a current list of all Premium Alert Service trades that are about to be triggered or that are already in progress. The trades are organized according to the sector the markets fall in. The critical information for each trade is displayed in the spreadsheet columns. I update the spreadsheet during the trading day as needed. For most traders, along with the Premium Daily Alerts, this spreadsheet is the most popular and valuable benefit of the trial membership.

Training Videos: In the Premium Daily Alert videos, you’ll see me analyze the markets based on my Cycle Trading Strategy. I find the easiest way to teach the strategy is through my training videos. I keep the videos short (usually under 10 minutes) and each one covers a specific trading topic or a Top Down analysis of one market we’re actively trading. These videos are the best insight into how I spot trends and entry and exit points in all markets.

Bi-Monthly Webinars: Every other month, I hold a new hour-and-a-half session where I explore important trading principles and apply them to the current market. I then post the session in this archive for you to view at your leisure.

The highlight of most of these webinars are the lively, targeted question-and-answer sessions. Let’s face it, trading is a pretty solitary business. It’s you and your computer. Many traders, from beginners to veterans, like the opportunity to get on a group webinar and shoot the breeze with their fellow traders. And during your $7 trial, you get access to the complete archive of over 37 hours of webinars which you can watch online or download to your computer.

Mastering The Chart Newsletter: Every month since June of 2011 I’ve been writing and mailing out my monthly newsletter. Unlike my Daily Premium Alerts, where I stay laser-focused on when to get in and out of specific markets, the newsletter lets me explore and share my views, and opinions on everything from new trading opportunities to in-depth analysis of trading concepts. I’ve been told many veteran traders look forward to reading my take on the Santa Clause Rally, Seasonal Trading, Black Swan Events, and other subjects that are important to trading success, but often ignored. And as part of your $7 trial, you get access to the current issue and all 48 back issues. If I were to put all these articles into a book it would easily sell for $98. You can even download all the issues to your computer, which more than pays for your $7 trial.

Access to the United States Chart Company Members’ Only Website: These are the exact same charts I use and one of the premiere, most feature-rich charting services you’ll find anywhere. Normally, the membership fee for this site alone is $29/month. But you’ll have complete, unrestricted access to all the features of this site as part of your $7/trial.

Course Counselors: With a combined 72 years of experience, each Course Counselor has an average of 18 years experience in the commodities markets. Over the years they’ve been asked and answered every trading and commodities question under the sun. They’re here to help you become a better trader and spot the most profitable trading opportunities based on your account size and trading objectives.

I find that even veteran trader who’ve survived through the best and worst the markets have thrown at them, can often benefit from talking with a Course Counselor, specifically about some of the trading strategies that are unique to my style of trading. In addition, if you have a certain style of trading or use specific indicators, the Course Counselors can help you integrate your style and methods to our style of trading.

The Course Counselors are here for you every day the markets are opened. And they don’t hide behind their email addresses. You’ll be able to talk to them on the phone. We often find that just a few minutes on the phone with a Counselor can save you months and even years of frustration. And no question is too simple. So if you’re new to commodities and have “beginner” questions, these Counselors will become your best trading resource. And you get access to them for a full 30 days during this special trial. This alone is worth thousands of times the $7 trial membership. And to encourage you to call as often as you want during your 30-day trial, we even give you a toll-free number.

"Most recently I have been very enthusiastic about the ‘Cycle Trading Strategy’ [Jim] has introduced and so far it has proven successful in my trading. I look at my charts in a much different and better way now that I use Jim's recommended indicators pertaining to the ‘Cycle Strategy’. I am also a member of Jim's Premium Alert Service and look forward every day to see and hear what Jim's thoughts are on selected markets. Again, a great teaching tool well done by a great educator."
- Dennis W., Bristol, IN
"There is no easy, quick path to trading with consistent success from what I have seen. By far, the biggest obstacle is my own thick head. But the knowledge provided by The Greatest Business on Earth and the experience of watching Jim through the Premium Alert Service has helped bring me to a level of success I didn’t think was even possible... I was ready to give up, but I came aboard as a last hope of ever finding something I could do that worked for me. I now know exactly where I am and where I want to go in a market... I can’t tell you how big that is. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have given myself one more chance, and I can’t express how thankful I am to have found your services."
- William H., San Diego, CA
"I have been a member of GBE for over 10 years, and still use the resources daily. The interactive electronic charts make planning trades a breeze, but more than that the GBE site is my go to educational tool. Trading has changed greatly in the past few years and the training videos have made adjusting to the new methods and techniques easy. Being able to follow Jim’s chart book allows me to validate my own research.

In addition I also am a member of the premium alerts, which is indispensable for those days when life gets in the way of keeping up with the charts. The premium alerts are also an excellent training tool. I have found that following how Jim breaks down the charts is an ongoing education. If you are serious about being a successful trader I consider a GBE membership a necessity."
- Shawn W., Weston, FL
"I was struggling to keep my feet on the ground and the Premium Alert Service has helped me immensely. Jim has made it much easier for anyone to enter this business. It’s priceless.”I am to have given myself one more chance, and I can’t express how thankful I am to have found your services."
- Dale F., Billings, MT
"The premium alerts are extremely helpful to me because it keeps me on the ball! After learning all the material in theory it’s so educational to see a master trader analyzing the markets and listening to his thought process in real time from start to finish on trades. Sometimes he passes on a trade and sometimes he’ll execute but there are reasons why and he explains them all. He also offers ideas on stop placement to fit different budget and risk tolerances. The alerts are upbeat and fun and at the same time realistic and educational."
- Jess P., El Cajon, CA
"I've been a subscriber to the Premium Alerts Service for a few years now and don't miss a day tuning into it. . . . I've been following the cycle trading methods with Jim and it's given me a better comfort level with placing trades. Through this service, he's taught me to maintain patience and wait for most, if not all, ‘the stars to line up’ with the chart formations, as well as the momentum studies, trend line support and resistance to create a higher percentage of successful trades. I plan to keep following Jim's advice and teaching techniques, knowing that through his experience, trial and error and research over the last 20-25 years of trading, that I will be listening to some solid advice! I'm passionate about learning as much as I can going forward, to create a successful business with commodity trading."
- Todd T., Phoenix, AZ
"I have been a subscriber to the Premium Alert Service since it's inception and I really like it and appreciate Jim's insights into trading and strategy. . . . I also really appreciate all of the webinars and educational material on the GBE site, it is outstanding. There is an incredible amount of education on the GBE site for people who are just getting into trading, and I heartily recommend it for anyone and everyone who wants to try their hand at trading futures. . . . I am very pleased with all of what GBE offers."
- Charles S., Plano, TX
"The Premium Alert Service is a tool that is great for learning to digest the daily activity in the market place. It narrows down for the viewer which markets are setting up trades according to technical strategies that GBE teaches. This makes learning to follow the markets, and understand the strategies a lot easier. If you just check the charts every morning and then listen to the Premium Alert Service video while taking notes, within a few months just about anybody will be able to understand what it takes to make a successful trade."
- Beth S., Orange County, CA
"I’m an old dog and it’s hard for me to learn new tricks but I find the GBE and US Charts web sites very easy to understand and the Premium Alert Service daily updates keep you on top of a select group of markets according to Trader Jim’s techniques.

In my opinion, Jim Prince is to learning trading what Rosetta Stone is to learning a language."
- Steve M., Las Vegas, NV

PLUS... we have two ultra-valuable resources for those new to commodities trading:

The First Thursday Club: New Member Q&A: The First Thursday Club is a special monthly webinar held on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm Pacific Time to provide an opportunity for you to “meet and greet” your fellow Course Members and have your questions answered by Course Coach Travis Heap. Travis is a 15-year commodities veteran. He has extensive experience with the trading principles I use, answering questions on our helpline, presenting seminars, and working with students one-on-one.

Our First Thursday Club is designed for “newbies” who are still learning about commodities trading. I know that new members may be a little shy to “speak up” in one of my larger webinars, thinking your questions may be too elementary. But you can feel completely comfortable in our First Thursday Club meetings. Everyone there will be just starting out - and Travis knows exactly how to answer your questions to make it all simple and clear. Plus... during your 30 day trial, you’ll get access to our Video Club Archive which gives you instant access to over 60 hours of video training!

Paper Trading Training Videos: Not ready to trade with real money yet? Not even sure how to enter trades online in a brokerage account? No problem! Our free weekly videos teach you the all-important skill of paper trading, So you won’t risk any money... but can still get involved with the markets.

You’ll learn everything from how to set up a paper trade, step by step including...

  • How to mark up your charts with trend lines, labels, formations
  • How to get your notes and trading information into Trade Tracker or My Chart Book
  • How to use all the tools on US Charts Online, like the Risk/Reward Calculator, Drawing Trend Lines, and much more!

The Premium Daily Alerts, along with all these additional resources, literally hundreds of hours of training videos and webinars, will help you...

  • Effortlessly stay on top of all the markets and take advantage of potential profit opportunities you might otherwise miss.
  • Become a better, smarter, safer, more confident trader, practically overnight.
  • Accelerate your learning process so you really begin to understand the markets in a matter of weeks instead of months.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

And of course, even though this special trial offer is only $7... your money is safe with my 100% Money Back Guarantee...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the Premium Alert Service™ is not everything I say it is, cancel your subscription within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund. That means - for a full month with no risk or obligation - you can test drive the Premium Alerts... Watch every trading video... Watch and join my webinar... Use the charting software... Call the Course Counselors... Download all the videos and training manuals... take advantage of every single resource for 30 days... and if you're not satisfied this is the best trading service on earth... I’ll refund your $7 trial subscription immediately.

Just think how helpful a personal trainer or tutor would be for your trading - and what it would cost - on a daily basis, for that kind of one-on-one attention!

Now think of the time you’ll save, the knowledge you’ll gain, the confidence you’ll acquire, and the peace of mind you’ll find with the Premium Alert Service™.

Finally, think of the profit potential - as well as the money you might not lose - because someone is there to show you when to exit a trade. How much is all that worth?

Happy Trading,


Jim Prince
Head Trader and Educator, The Greatest Business on Earth™

Phone 541-955-2700
Toll-Free 1-800-711-8735

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