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The Greatest Business on Earth: Where America Learns to Trade and Futures Begin
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About The Greatest Business on Earth™

The United States Chart Company was established by legendary commodity educator Ken Roberts in order to provide a reliable source of futures and option data for technical traders. As far as we know, we are the largest commodity charting service available anywhere in the world. We are also the premier service in terms of the quality and range of tools we offer.

Over the past 25 years, our educational arm, now called The Greatest Business on Earth™ (GBE), has shared common-sense financial methods with over 500,000 individuals in more than 130 countries around the world. Worth Magazine credits our company with introducing more people to the business of commodity trading than any other in history.

Meet Trader Jim

Trading Educator Jim Prince, former Ken Roberts student. Jim teaches trading courses, writes weekly trading alerts, conducts the trading chat room sessions, records weekly trading videos, and does futures trading.
Jim Prince is a 25+ year student of the markets, trader, and the GBE company educator.

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Initially, we only published paper charts. But as the Internet came into existence, it opened new possibilities. When we developed US Charts Online, no one knew where it would lead. We liked the fact that it was so easy to view electronic charts, and that prices could be updated throughout the day, but then the computer programmers went to work creating tool after tool to make charting faster and give traders more confidence in their decisions. In other words, US Charts Online just kept getting better and better - and it continues to do so!

In May 2006, US Charts was acquired by another fixture in the world of futures trading - The Commodity Research Bureau (CRB), creators of the world-famous CRB Index. CRB has been the nation's premiere futures and commodity research bureau since 1934. Widely known for its annual publications - the CRB Commodity Yearbook and the CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices, weekly printed charts, and technical analysis of the markets, CRB is also the recognized industry leader for its comprehensive database of the entire price history of the major commodity markets.

The Greatest Business on Earth's educational programs are overseen by 25+ year trading veteran, "Trader" Jim Prince. Jim directs our Courses, writes our weekly newsletters, prepares weekly training videos, sends out regular market alerts, hosts our bi-monthly webinar, prepares the daily Premium Alert Service videos and alerts, writes a daily blog, and more! Jim is also in charge of the company trading accounts. Jim has the distinction of being a notably unemotional trader. He is also an excellent teacher. The combination makes him perfectly suited to prepare our Course Members to enter the markets as knowledgably and safely as possible.

The Greatest Business on Earth continues to be at the forefront of the industry, providing the ideal data interface and tools for commodity traders at all levels of experience. In our efforts to provide ever better training and tools for our Course Members, we continually add new features and products, using cutting edge technology. For example our online tools like Trend Seeker, and our informational programs like the Premium Alert Service, give our subscribers an unrivaled advantage in dealing with markets that are always moving. We also provide top-notch customer service and assistance so that even the newest traders feel comfortable facing the challenges of the market. Our Course Counselors each have at least fifteen years experience with our company, and offer toll-free customer support. Course Members are also encouraged to attend Jim Prince's bi-monthly webinar to ask questions and meet fellow traders.

With everything we do to keep expanding our services and provide excellent Course Member support, The Greatest Business on Earth truly is the place "Where America Learns to Trade and Futures Begin".