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Want to know why commodity options are today's most exciting opportunity to potentially turn small amounts of money into big profits?

Let us show you why the commodity and option business -- what is sometimes called "The Greatest Business on Earth" -- takes only minutes a day when you use US Charts Online!

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  • Commodity Charts
  • Futures and Option Quotes
  • Trend Seeker
  • Trade Tracker
  • Jim's Chart Book
  • and more!

Your membership to The Greatest Business on Earth comes with a Free Trial to The US Charts Online web site, which includes these great trading tools:

  • Commodity Charts -- choose either Standard Charts or Interactive Charts to view daily, weekly, or monthly charts. Our Interactive Charts include advanced features such as drawing tools, a Profit Calculator, Risk/Reward Calculator, and more.
  • Futures Quotes -- view intraday or end-of-day prices on easily accessible commodity quoteboards.
  • Option Quotes -- with Merged or Split views.
  • Option Search -- we make it easy for you to find the options you want to trade!
  • Quick Quotes -- a way to quickly and easily view prices for every major commodity.
  • Trend Seeker -- a tool that indicates the direction of a trend, telling you how strong it is, and confirming a chart formation’s break point.
  • Custom Quotes -- create your own portfolio that contains commodities, options, and stocks that you are interested in watching.
  • Trade Tracker -- keep a record of all the critical information you need to follow your trades. This invaluable feature performs all your calculations for you!
  • Jim's Chart Book -- a collection of personal charts maintained by Trader Jim. He highlights different strategies found in the charts for you to view using the same techniques as taught in the GBE course.
  • My Chart Book -- save the charts you're watching into your own chart portfolio.
  • Weekly Training Videos -- Every Friday evening, US Charts Online provides you with a free video training lesson. These lessons are delivered right to your US Charts Online account, where you can view them at your leisure.
  • and more!

And when you sign up for an annual membership, you will receive a copy of the Master The Chart Series 1-2-3 Top Formation Video CD -- a $97 value -- or choose a copy of the US Charts Training Video Album Volume 1, 2, or 3 (DVDs) -- a $147 value -- absolutely free.

Remember -- you'll have full access to US Charts Online with your trial membership. Why not get started today?

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