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You have arrived at the world's premier resource for assistance and education in trading the commodity futures and option markets.

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"GBE" stands for "The Greatest Business on Earth." And whether you're a seasoned trader, or a complete novice who doesn't even know what a commodity is, we offer you the training, the information, and the tools to further your success in the futures and option markets.

Most notably, our Premium Alert Service gives you daily reports on breaking markets and how to trade them. In addition, our educational programs and individual coaching sessions are designed for every level, from beginner to advanced. Our informational materials include every medium, from books and audios to videos. Our unique market tools, geared for the non-professional trader (although professionals love them too), take advantage of cutting-edge technology - but they're easy to use! And our dedicated staff of Course Counselors are ready to help you make the most of all our amazing resources.

The GBE Premium Alert Service Is The Greatest Business on Earth™ because . . .

Learn trading! The Greatest Business on Earth offers trading education, commodity courses, corn quotes, gold quotes, unleaded gas quotes, futures charts, options.

  • Trading the commodity markets offers tremendous income potential
  • This opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of financial background
  • You can look over my shoulder and copy everything I do
  • The principles we teach are straightforward and easy to put into practice
  • You don't need a large investment to get started
  • You can practice our methods and strategies without risking any money at all
  • Your computer and a telephone are all the equipment you need
  • You can run this business from your home, the beach, or anywhere you like — in about half an hour a day
  • And to top it off — you’ll enjoy doing it!

Hundreds of thousands of small investors around the world are taking advantage of the huge opportunities in the commodity futures and option markets right now. We can give you the daily help you need to trade with confidence while you boost your profit potential.